We provide the same attention to detail and quality control for all jobs large and small.

Less than minimum

Please add $15.00 for all orders with 11 items or less.


$5.00 per location up to 4 inches wide / add $1.00 for each additional line


Add $.35 per piece for individual folding and poly bagging

3-d Embroidery

Add $1.00 per piece for 3-D Puff Embroidery


$30.00 setup fee per design plus $4.00 per patch

Bucket Hats

Add $.35 per piece

Thread color changes

Additional charge after 5 thread color changes $.50 per garment

Production Time

Normal production time is 5-7 business days from approval of sew out & receipt of goods not from date the order is sent in. During peak time & holidays production is 7-10 business days. For orders requiring special handling and packaging, production time may be longer.

Purchase Orders (PO)

A written paper or email are the only forms of orders that will be accepted. Verbal orders may be discussed, but in order to have your order put into production and scheduling, we must have a paper trail with complete order details for all orders. All orders will need complete descripton of logo, old or new.

New Customers

New customers are COD at time of pickup or before shipping. Clients with terms will be put back on COD if terms are missed more then 2 times in a year.

Full Back logos

Full back Embroidery starts at $35.00.

Digitizing New Logos

(customer will receive 1 sew out via email)
$35.00 set up for logos up to 20,000 stitches
All other stitch counts ask for a quote


Quotes without a digitized logo are just a guess-timation & may change once digitized.

Tape Edit

$15.00 charge for any edits made to logos on file. (ex: text, size, layout)

Sewout on Customer Supplied DST

$5.00 charge for each sewout on customer supplied DST file

Sewout for existing logos

$5.00 charge for each sewout on repeat logos or logos that have been changed from the original DST or artwork.

Special Handling

Add an additional $1.00 per item for bags, leather, vinyl, chairs or large items. Add an additional $5.00 per piece for oversized luggage & bags or luggage with wheels

Drop Shipments

$15.00 drop shipment charge per shipping location

Shipping & Handling

$5.00 shipping charge per box per location

Rush Charges

Same Day: $100
1 Day: $50
2 Days: $40
3 Days: $25


Please allow 3% or 3 items per 100 pieces per design/location


$5.00 per item depending on the logo. Please note that there is no guarantee that it will not damage the product(s).

Sewing Tone on Tone

Sewing Tone on Tone requires extra handling (separating, matching thread colors & often running one at a time).
There will be a $.50 per item fee for sewing Tone on Tone

Separating Goods by Sew Color

If you have an order that sews the same logo, but with different thread colors (example: Navy polos sew Grey, Black polos sew White, Red polos sew Silver, and White polos sew Black), goods need to be ordered by sew color.
If we need to separate goods by sew color before order is placed into production, there will be an additional fee of $.50 per item.

Quantity Pricing

Caps and flats are priced separately as they are ran on different machines and set up differently. (Beanies are ran as flats and bucket hats are ran as caps)


Call to discuss…

***Without digitizing a logo, we will not know the exact stitch count. We can guesstimate what we think a the stitch count will be and give a quote, but please note that the price is subject to change if the stitch count changes from our initial quote. We will provide the art sheet with all new digitized orders which gives the final stitch count. ***